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New! Prepaid card on your name and lastname

How it works?

We are glad to present our products to you. Together with SecurityLabs we found several holes in the system. And since we don't want to pay for what we found holes, we offer you to make money with us.

All our cards come with PINs and instructions. You can use them at any ATM worldwide. Once you purchase, we will email you a Full Guide on how to cash out safely. IMPORTANT NOTE: please don't place a order - If you can't pay and we should send you a credit card or make a transfer for free and after that you will pay us. We don't do that!

If you need to convert USD to Bitcoin or another currency your can use

For your convenience, we have opened a direct bitcoin wallet. To you as little as possible to experience problems with payments 1CLuqjiuFCkUx8S4d3HNq3gbg7mW4PT4aR

We working almost 24/7 to provide you with the best service to satisfy your needs!

Total sale!!! Buy 2 card and 1 for free.

I want buy 2 for 260$ and 1 free

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Price of 1 card 3500$+-200$       →       Buy $130

Price of 3 card 3500$+-200$       →       Buy $310

Price of 5 card 3500$+-200$       →       Buy $500

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Transfer $4000       →       BUY $130

Transfer $5100       →       BUY $250

Transfer $7500       →       BUY $400

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Transfer $4000       →       BUY $130

Transfer $5100       →       BUY $250

Transfer $7500       →       BUY $400


We work for your needs


You can always contact us by our e-mail We will try to answer all your questions.


All our relationships will remain between us. There are no intermediaries.

Stability and teamwork

Our team will always try to find the perfect option for you. We can also work with escrow, but if the order amount exceeds 800 euro


Questions and Answers.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a virtual money transfer system. The currency is called Bitcoin (BTC).

How can i order cards?

Select and pay for or you can pay in direct wallet 1CLuqjiuFCkUx8S4d3HNq3gbg7mW4PT4aR After payment write the transaction number, item and delivery address.

Do you have other websites or shops?

No! We have some customers act as RESELLER. It may be that they have their own shops with similar offers. But they don't connect with us and we don't deliver for them. They are complete independent. ATTENTION: Be sure that you sent/get message only from us. If you transfer Bitcoins, please validate the Wallet Address with the one you find here on the website.

That about Western Union Transfer & MoneyGram

Transferring Western Union takes 2 hour to 6 hours maximum for generating MTCN. We send you MTCN Code With Sender Info and Amount. If you NEEDED FOR WU TRANSFER please send 1: Full name | 2: City | 3: Country | 4: Valid email for sending you MTCN

Also about credit card

Prepaid cards work anywhere in the world. Random name on the card. Delivery popular courier services. The limit for withdrawal at ATMs $ 1500 per day. Regular delivery 3-5 days. Payment on the website or a direct Deposit to the purse BTK. After payment, send the transaction number and shipping address. When buying 20-30 cards 25% discount. When you withdraw cash from ATMs and online purchases there is no risk!

Why should I buy it on your website?

We do not only provide you with our services, plus we give you the opportunity to earn with us. Also our consultants will help you to choose the service interesting you and will prompt how to get it.